Activities from September 2018- September 2019

by admin on November 20, 2019

Good Samaritan Association Activities during September 2018 – September 2019

  • Migrant returnees, who came from Libya, Beirut, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Egypt, are accepted in the shelter. Some of them returned voluntarily while others were deported. The ones who are deported were trafficked on the way to Europe, South Africa, and Middle East Country; others were detained due to illegal residence in the respective countries.
  • 41 migrant returnees have been reintegrated in Addis Ababa. Out of the 41 migrant returnees, 3 are involved in bakery, 1 in retailing food items, 22 in cattle rearing, 18 in food preparation and retail shop, and 1 person who is a son of returnee has obtained 3rd grade driving license.
  • A clinic at Entoto Mariam, which has served the elderly, the poor, and HIV patients, was shut down due to lack of budget. The clinic provided basic medical services for Entoto area inhabitants with subsidized minimal payment to vulnerable women, fuel wood carriers, patients attending holy water at Entoto churches, and the community residing in the area. The clinic provided service to about 800 outpatients per year. In addition, in collaboration with Mental Health Professionals Association, free counseling and psychiatric service was given to the community on Friday, every fortnight. The clinic also provided service to the returnee women in GSA, Addis Ababa shelter, upon need.
  • All of GSA employees have received capacity building trainings from different NGOs.
  • IOM has given trainings on community, sustainable reintegration, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication Visibility, Financial Management, and Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants in the Horn of Africa.
  • Liberty Shared Organization has given training’s on Victim Case Management, Illegal human trafficking and awareness creation on human trafficking through media in different languages in Addis Ababa, Kenya (Nairobi), and Uganda.
  • Awareness creation workshop has been given for 40 government and supporting organizations’ officials for one day.
  • Awareness creation workshop about women who are vulnerable to migration has been given for 100 families, youngsters, women and girls.
  • Illegal migrants returned from Saudi Arabia border on September 8, 2019 have been given Basic Business Skills and Life Skills training’s by professionals.
  • A shelter has been established in Gonder with the assistance of donors, namely Expert France and SIHA, to help illegal migrant women by giving training and reintegrating them to establish small businesses. Gonder shelter was officially opened in May 2019 in the presence of Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations.
  • Using fund from IOM, UEWCA, SIHA, Expertise France:
    1. 33 illegal migrants who have encountered some problems have received shelter service,food and clothes.
    2. 28 returnees/migrants have received medical services at the shelter and referral health centers.
    3. 27 returnees have received psycho social counseling by experts.
    4. 4 returnees have been referred to referral health centers.
    5. 78 returnees have received Basic Business Skills and Life Skills training’s for 5 days by experts.
    6. Cows have been bought for 3 returnees who have chosen to work in cattle rearing.
    7. 82 returnees have been reunified with their families.
    8. 9 returnees in North Shewa, Kuyu Wereda have been trained in food preparation and provided with a working space (shade).

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