I. Protection services by providing shelter based accommodation and health services

  1. Provide accommodation (food, clothing and other basic services )

  2. Provision of Primary Health care for returnee

  3. Provision of counseling, therapeutic activities, and psychiatric services for victims of human trafficking upon their return.

  4. Establish/Strengthen referral linkages and link victims of trafficking to the shelter ,hospital and legislates.

  5. Awareness creation about HIV/AIDS among the returnees and Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV AIDS

  6. Facilitate discussion among returnees to share their experiences.

II. Reunification and reintegration activities

  1. Conduct Family tracing /home visits and Reunify the victims with their families

  2. Provide training for women /girls with BBS and Life skills

  3. Provide seed money for women and girls to start businesses of their choice and help them conduct a decent life.